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AgileHR - dealing with complexity

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A few weeks ago I was introduced to Natal Dank and we talked about the need for new ways of working and problem-solving in HR. While I'd been working in Endava to bring many of the Agile approaches from the IT part of the business to the Talent side, she'd become a Scrum Master and had also been adopting and adapting Agile to make it work for HR.

Over coffee we talked about our frustrations with traditional HR, the need for something different and how, in certain circumstances, Agile offered some really useful alternatives. Neither of us knew many people who had also been transferring Agile out of IT and into HR, but we knew plenty of people who shared our frustrations with the more traditional ways of working.

It was at that meeting that Natal suggested we create a meet up for HR people who were interested in doing things differently and sharing their experiences of working in different ways with others. The AgileHR meet up was born and it's now only a few days away.

You can also find out more by heading over to Natal's website where she's shared one of the webinar's she ran earlier this month on AgileHR.

We're both really looking forward to sharing more of our experiences with you and learning from what other people have been doing. It should be a interesting and fun night and a great opportunity to meet other people who are interested in or already doing things in a different way. I look forward to seeing you there.

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