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The place to go for inspirational talks. I've provided direct links to some of my favourites on the right hand side column, but you'll never fail to find something worth watching.

Wait But Why

An amazing blog post by an arch-procrastinator who finds stuff that interests him and then tries to understand it. Funny, insightful and you'll never be able to the Procrastination Monkey out of your head.

A great place to start understanding who you are by nature in the company of Steve Cockram, co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide, and someone who has played a significant role in helping me to understand myself better. There are other courses available here as well and more will be added over time.

A powerful and easy to use approach to understanding team dynamics and the differences that exist between people. A great way to understand how to harness the power of those differences for the overall benefit of the team. Here you can find introductions to each voice and a free assessment to help you discover your own voice. I'm a Creative Connector btw :)

Stephen Denning's regular blog on about radical management, the creative economy and the future of leadership. Fascinating, intriguing and challenging. Along with Tim Urban's Wait But Why, Stephen Denning is one fo the few people out there whose stuff I'll read regardless of whether I'm initially struck by the topic because I always know it will be interesting. You can also follow his personal site on Radical Management here

Complexity and Management Centre

The blog from the Complexity and Management Centre at the University of Hertfordshire - the place where Professor Stacey thought about and taught his ideas on Complex Responsive Process Theory. Chris Mowles now regularly posts reflections on how complexity and business link together.

AgileHR Meetup Community

AgileHR is an overarching title describing future HR (Human Resources) and how we can innovate our profession. 

As technology drives an ever increasing need for speed and agility, the world of work is shifting. 

To remain relevant, HR needs to evolve. AgileHR takes the software development mindset so prevalent in tech and start-up success stories and translates it into a people and culture setting. It moves beyond traditional HR ‘best practice’ and advocates an intimate partnership with your people and leaders, to co-create flexible, lean, real time, people-centred solutions. 

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Steve Cockram - Leaders Worth Following

Steve Cockram, Co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide, speaking at a TEDx event in Alburquerque and explaining what it leadership means to him

Brené Brown - Vulnerability

Brené Brown's TED Talk from 2011 about the power of being vulnerable using her storytelling skills

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